The 4 Best Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

Finding affordable homeowner’s insurance in Florida is no easy task: With an average annual premium of $2,084 (nearly double the the national average of $1,034), Florida has

wyoming - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Wyoming Homeowners Insurance Companies

Wyoming’s scenic setting in the expansive, mountainous West makes the state a popular destination for hikers, skiers, and tourists. But the Cowboy State’s climate — which includes snowy

harpers ferry, west virginia - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best West Virginia Homeowners Insurance Companies

Thankfully, the steep terrain of the Mountain State does not equate to steep homeowners insurance premiums — the average rate in West Virginia hovers around $770

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15 DIY Holiday Gifts Under $15

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Annapolis, Md.

The 5 Best Maryland Homeowners Insurance Companies

Despite its coastal mid-Atlantic location, the average annual homeowners insurance premium in Maryland was just $837 in 2012  — over $100 less than the national average for that year.

South Dakota - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best South Dakota Homeowners Insurance Companies

Although premium rates in South Dakota are low — averaging $789 a year, more than $200 less than the national average — risk for weather-related property damage remains.

Charleston, SC

The 4 Best South Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

Turbulent weather conditions in South Carolina, such as flooding and hurricanes, force homeowners to pay higher than average home insurance premiums. The average rate in South

hail in oklahoma - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Companies

Oklahoma has a long history with natural disasters, and you don’t have to look far to see how damage from such disasters has affected the state’s homeowners.

north dakota homeowners insurance

The 3 Best North Dakota Insurance Companies

Despite its nickname as the Peace Garden State, North Dakota’s tumultuous Midwestern climate is anything but peaceful. Homes in North Dakota are affected by natural

adobe style house in new mexico homeowners insurance

The 3 Best New Mexico Homeowners Insurance Companies

New Mexico’s arid climate makes the state less prone to natural disasters, keeping homeowners insurance premiums low in the state. In 2012, the average annual

mississippi homeowners insurance - damaged house

The 4 Best Mississippi Homeowners Insurance Companies

Mississippi is no stranger to inclement weather — from hurricanes to floods to tornadoes, the Magnolia State has seen it all. This increased risk poses

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10 Ways Millennials Are Able to Save Money

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Keep an Eye Out for This New Credit Card Scam

You may have heard about the shift to EMV credit cards, the new chip-enabled technology that touts increased consumer safety by adding an extra layer

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horse ranch in kentucky - homeowners insurance

The 4 Best Kentucky Homeowners Insurance Companies

Kentucky’s central U.S. location creates generally mild climate conditions, with minimal risk for natural disaster. However, recent weather patterns have taken more extreme turns —

ranch in Montana - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Montana Homeowners Insurance Companies

Montana’s diverse terrain creates varied climate patterns across the huge state. The eastern region, for example, sees harsher winters and hotter summers, with increased risk for

A farm in Nebraska - homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Nebraska Homeowners Insurance Companies

Located in the so-called “Tornado Alley,” Nebraska is no stranger to inclement weather. From severe droughts to hailstorms, the Cornhusker State has seen it all,