man shopping at clothing store

Separating Needs, Wants, and What You Really Want

While a bad economy or an especially low-paying job can make saving money infinitely harder, the formula for saving has always been the same. To

woman checking price on christmas decorations

How Real People Earn a Side Income with Amazon and eBay

A few years ago, Sandy Smith of entered an online challenge proposed by another personal finance blogger. The contest worked like this: Each participant would

child looking at dozens of brands of cereals - the paradox of choice

Personal Finance and the Paradox of Choice

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the internet when I stumbled onto a decade-old TED Talk from psychologist Barry Schwartz. The talk, aptly named The

a new backsplash and butcher block counters can refresh a kitchen on a budget

Eight Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Without a Full Remodel

If you’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen but can’t stomach the thought of a pricey remodel, you’re right to worry. A 2016 analysis from

woman on sales call in cubicle

Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed in Sales?

There are plenty of careers with a high turnover rate, but sales jobs are particularly notorious for driving people crazy then out the door. Chances

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How to Set a ‘Spending Money’ Cap and Save More Every Month

There’s no right or wrong way to budget your money, just like there’s no perfect way to spend it. But, that doesn’t mean a little

house for sale - what we look for when buying rental property

Nine Things We Look for When Buying Rental Property

When my husband and I bought our first rental property in 2007, we barely knew what we were doing. We saved up a large down

apple iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus

Will the New iPhone 8 and iPhone X Be Worth the Investment? (Nope.)

A few days ago, I was reading the news when I stumbled on an article I found both interesting… and appalling. CNBC explained that the new


Best Ways to Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points in 2017

There’s a reason why so many fans of credit card rewards go out of their way to get a card to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

woman with hands over face - recover from overspending

When You Overspend: Five Steps to Recover from a Spending Spree

Have you ever spent more money than you planned? If you’re a human who has had money at any point in your life, the answer

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What Would You Do to Retire Early? Three Ways to Help Make It Happen

Most of us who read money blogs like Google-X do so because we have real-life financial goals. If you’re like me, your goals

installing a new replacement window

Six Home Improvements That Just Aren’t Worth It for Us

As someone born and raised and central Indiana, I have been spoiled with cheap real estate all my life. The first home we ever purchased

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Eight Cheap and Tasty Taco Recipes

No matter your ethnic background or where you live, it’s fairly safe to say that almost everyone you know likes tacos. They’re easy to make,

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10 Financial Advisors Share the Craziest Ways Clients Have Invested Their Money

Most people who hire a financial advisor do so because they truly need the help. They may have a complicated financial or tax situation, or

tomatoes from vegetable garden

Nine of My Favorite Recipes for Summer Garden Leftovers

Even though I’ve wanted a garden my entire adult life, I didn’t take the plunge until around five years ago. Before then, we just didn’t

investing - stacking coins

Outrageous Investing Fees You Should Never, Ever Pay

Worried about paying too much in investing fees? It might be time to take stock of your investments and their ongoing costs, then search for

sign about the future

The Future Is Coming, Whether You Save For It or Not

When it comes to money and personal finance, there are so many behaviors that seriously grind my gears. For example, it bothers me when people

lessons of lousy jobs - fast food workers

Life Lessons Anyone Can Learn from a Lousy Job

If you’ve ever worked in a job that feels unrewarding, you already know how draining and soul-sucking it feels to spend hours wishing you were