dinner ideas - easy fried rice recipe

Double-Header Dinner Ideas: Three Easy Recipes for Back-to-Back Nights

Food spending is a big but often malleable part of the average American budget, which means it can be an easy place to look for savings. And

52 week money challenge save a dollar

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Ways to Hack the 52-Week Money Challenge

New Year’s is nearly upon us, and with it the chance to start fresh and make some changes in our lives. The most common New Year’s resolution is to

test your money personality with this quiz

What’s Your Money Personality?

How sharp are your financial instincts? Do you boast a banker’s savvy sense for cents, or is your freewheeling financial style more care-free than careful? Take our quiz

2012 Nissan Leaf

The Best Used Cars for Simply Getting Around

It’s expensive to buy and own a car — the American Automobile Association (AAA) pegs the cost of owning a vehicle at a whopping $8,698 a year. But

Acadia National Park

Five Cheap Vacations to Take This Summer

Summer’s here, and you deserve a vacation. The problem is, can you afford one? We’re here to help. There are a number of ways to

teacher writing on blackboard

Three Reasons Teachers Make Good Investors

The average Wall Street bonus was $172,860 in 2014. That’s just a bonus — and it’s more than three times the average high school teacher’s annual salary of

Fancy steak dinner

Thrifty Thursday: Frugality Foils Anniversary Plans

Welcome to our new reader-inspired series, Thrifty Thursdays. We want to hear your most ingenious buck-stretching strategies, stories about your famously frugal family and friends, or embarrassing tales of

patrick swayze and demi moore in Ghost

12 Wildly Romantic Gestures in Movies (That Don’t Cost a Thing)

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is frugal, too. Sure, splurging on a diamond necklace, an exotic getaway, a cherished memento, or a fancy

Cold water tap in shower

Thrifty Thursday: No Hot Water, No Problem

Last week, we introduced a new reader-inspired series called Thrifty Thursdays. We want to hear your most ingenious buck-stretching strategies, stories about your famously frugal family and friends, or embarrassing tales

snowplow in street

Is Buying a Snowplow a Good Investment?

Have you ever had one of those winters? Here in Boston, it feels like it’s been snowing for days. We got 22 inches earlier this week,

coffee break coffee

Indie Coffee Shop Thrives in the Shadow of the Dunkin’ Empire

I’m at the Coffee Break Cafe in Quincy, Mass., waiting to meet the shop’s co-owner, Jenn Ormond. The line was five deep when I got

visible mending

How to Make Money Selling Crafts on Etsy

Have you ever knitted a scarf, made jewelry, or sewn clothes for your kids? Can you build a bench, take intriguing photos, or make a picture

Airbnb listings in Boston

How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host

Anyone who has stayed at a nice hotel in the past decade knows it’s not cheap. When was the last time you stayed in a

Luthier working on a cello

10 Heartfelt Holiday Gifts for People Who Don’t Need More Stuff

We’re all guilty of it: You put off buying a present for a loved one, and suddenly it’s too late — so you just throw

Black Friday crowd swarming store entrance

Best Black Friday Deals for 2014

Love it or hate it, Black Friday ain’t what it used to be. Time was, you’d gather with friends and family on Thanksgiving to over-indulge in food

little kid dunking basketball

Is This the Perfect Investment for Your Kid’s College Fund?

How’s this for a sweet investment: Anyone can buy it, with no fees or commissions. Its value has gone up by about 130% since 2000

Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and other actors at the 2014 Academy Awards

Why Facebook and Twitter May Not Be Overvalued

It’s easy to write off social media stocks and their ludicrous valuations. Take Facebook (FB), which reports third-quarter earnings Tuesday. The stock is already up