taxes on life insurance taxable how is life insurance taxed

Avoid These Life Insurance Tax Traps

Few people like to think about the paperwork and financial logistics associated with death. It often feels more comfortable to pretend the day will never

puzzled woman looking at computer - what is chexsystems

What Is ChexSystems?

Most of us have heard of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian – the trifecta of credit bureaus that impact everything from credit card applications to car loans.

western union shop - what is a wire transfer

What Is a Wire Transfer?

A wire transfer is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to move money from one business to another or from one person to another.

patient in hospital surrounded by supportive family members and nurses - patient advocate

What’s a Patient Advocate – and Should You Have One?

Preventable medical error is now the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer, according to a recent study

wood beam in house construction - economist predictions for housing market in 2017

Six Predictions for the Housing Market in 2017

It’s nearly impossible to discuss the 2017 real estate market forecast without factoring in the Trump Effect. President-elect Donald Trump and his rhetoric, which may

coffee shop barista - small business microloans microlending

Microloans: Small Loans for Small Businesses

Microloans and microcredit are a form of business funding that many people often associate with developing countries and particularly impoverished and disenfranchised populations. That may

cash down payment

Why Do You Need a Down Payment, Anyway?

When it comes to navigating through life, there are certain financial traditions and transactions that are difficult to avoid – among them paying taxes annually,

broken piggy bank - cd loan

Can a CD Loan Help You Build Credit or Tap Emergency Cash?

Here’s an approach to establishing, building, or repairing credit that few people are likely aware of: a CD loan. More specifically, the process usually involves

dad with teenage children - teen checking account

How to Choose a Teen Checking Account

For many teens, learning about algebra and geometry is more common then learning to manage one’s personal finances. Perhaps it’s an unfortunate oversight in our education system,

two men driving a car - low income car insurance

Road Outrage: Low-Income Drivers Are Charged More for Car Insurance, Even With a Clean Record

There’s an unfortunate reality when it comes to auto insurance that many drivers may not be fully aware of: Low-income drivers who have a perfect

man preparing taxes for a fast tax refund

Four Ways to Get a Faster Tax Refund in 2017

When it comes to getting your tax return as quickly as possible, there are two or three key pieces of advice that professionals typically offer

small business loan requirements - woman working on computer applying for loan

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

Applying for a loan under any circumstances is rarely fun. With all the paperwork and loan requirements, it probably ranks somewhere between visiting the dentist

women small business owners - small business grants for women and how to build business credit

How to Build Business Credit

Nearly all of us have heard of someone financing a small business on personal credit cards just to keep the doors open until they become profitable. It’s

A.G. Thomson House B&B in Duluth, Minn.

The Ultimate Work-at-Home Job: Running a Bed and Breakfast

Running a brothel was never part of Debbie Miller’s plan. But 25 years ago, in rural Ohio, there were few people who understood the distinction between

woman looking at city out the window

Why Americans Aren’t Ready for an Emergency

Let’s talk about our saving skills for a minute, America. Because it seems that while we’re improving, we have yet to master the skill of

woman face-down in pile of mail and bills

Three Apps for America’s Money Management Woes

Americans, as a whole, are not very good at managing their finances. And it seems the biggest challenge — for those of us not among

Andrew and Wills, founders of Plowz and Mowz

Small Business Saturday: Snow Is Money for Plowz & Mowz

For Wills Mahoney and Andrew Englander, snow is money. And so is an untended or overgrown lawn. The two former Syracuse University roommates are the

Tech Tower at Georgia Tech

20 Colleges Well Worth the Money

Here’s a sobering statistic: Over 20 years, you’d earn a better return investing your college fund in the stock market than actually using it to