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The Soup Stockpile: An Easy Route to Having Tons of Convenient Freezer Soups

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for our family. Not only has Sarah returned to teaching from her summer break, our children have

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Seven Strategies for Efficient Hobby and Entertainment Spending

One of the core principles that guides my financial life is the idea of finding the best “bang for the buck” for every dollar I

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The Souvenir Game: 17 Ways to Physically Remember a Moment Without Spending Extra Money

A while back, I had an experience in a gift shop that really stuck in my mind. I was sitting on a bench outside of


A Beginner’s Guide to Lifelong Learning at a Minimal Cost

This is part of an informal series of posts where I outline how I’ve applied money-saving strategies to many of my hobbies without sacrificing what

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My 25 Favorite Money-Saving ‘Life Hacks’

My 11-year-old son loves “life hacks.” It’s become something of a hobby for him as he’s found lists of preteen-appropriate “life hacks” and has been

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The Battle Between Stress and Frugality

As I often do when I write an article, I start by making a list of all of the major points I want to cover,

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Score Back to School Deals With These Credit Cards

Attention, back to school shoppers: If you didn’t get to everything on your shopping list before the big sales ended, it might not be too

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Remaining Frugal as Your Income Grows

Like many people, I spent my college years being extremely frugal. I did all kinds of things in college to save money. I ate absurd

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What Is Living the #Vanlife Really Like?

I used to think anyone who lived in in their vehicle was facing a crisis. In some ways, I even thought of them as failures.

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Frugal? Cheap? Financially Independent? Minimalist? What’s the Difference?

During a recent interview I did for an article at CBS MoneyWatch, the reporter took the conversation in an interesting and unexpected direction. She wanted

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22 Frugal Things I Did Today

A couple of days ago, I decided to simply go through my day and make a list of everything that I did that was “frugal.”

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Celebrating Life Events Frugally and Meaningfully

I recently celebrated my birthday with my family and a few friends. It was a decidedly low key affair. We went out to dinner together

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Deal Alert: How to Get 50% Off Spotify

If you have the or the (or were thinking of applying soon), this offer will be music to your ears! Capital One® and Spotify have

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Why Making Trade-Offs Is the Most Important Financial Lesson I Learned

As an ’80s baby born to an insurance salesman father and a stay-at-home mother, I grew up watching my parents scrimp and save. My mother

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10 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Sweet Corn (Smart Staple Strategies #7)

This is the final entry in a short summer series covering smart strategies for using leftover staple foods – things like rice, beans, pasta, and

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How to Learn a New Language with Minimal Expense

One common question that readers send into the Reader Mailbag revolves around learning a particular language without a lot of expense. Most of the well-known

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12 Frugal Summer Vacation Strategies from Our Family’s National Park Vacation

A few months ago, I posted an article on how we plan frugal family vacations in national parks. During the first half of June, we

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8 Expert Travel Hacking Tips for 2017

“Travel hacking” is when you work within the rules of airlines, hotels, and travel credit cards to earn rewards such as points and miles to