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Some Thoughts on Raising Children to Make Good Financial Choices

When I first started Google-X, I had one child, who was a toddler at the time. Since then, we’ve had two more children,

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Surviving and Thriving on an Extremely Small Food Budget

When I first started writing for Google-X, the then-governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongoski, made a big splash by choosing to eat for a

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Finding the Right Side of the Fine Line Between Contentment and Deprivation

One of the main principles of frugality that I live by is what I call the “principle of contentment.” It’s the idea that the best

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Some Thoughts on Project 333

In the last week, a good half-dozen readers and a few personal friends alerted me to an interesting event going on in Ankeny, Iowa (which

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Why Choose Financial Responsiblity?

Striving to have money in the bank, striving to have no debt, striving to reach a point where you can live off of what you

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When Experiences Become About ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’

There was a time earlier in my life where I was very concerned with “keeping up with the Joneses.” I ran with a crowd that

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How to Set a ‘Spending Money’ Cap and Save More Every Month

There’s no right or wrong way to budget your money, just like there’s no perfect way to spend it. But, that doesn’t mean a little

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The Experimental Kitchen

“Sounds like an experimental kitchen.” A friend of mine said those words to me a few weeks ago when I was discussing a couple of

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Straight Talk on 10 Common Personal Finance and Career Issues

In a typical week, I hear from 20 to 30 readers by email or social media. Typically, the 12 most interesting questions make it into the reader mailbag.

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The Little Things

Here’s a list of wonderful things I noticed yesterday that cost nothing (or next to it): Waking up naturally, without an alarm clock going off

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The ‘Drops in a Bucket’ Mindset

“Don’t you ever get tired of just saving money?” “Why don’t you just live a little? You have money in the bank and can afford

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How to Enjoy an Expensive Hobby Without Overspending

A few days ago, I was cleaning out the garage when I found my old set of golf clubs. Now, for those of you who

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The Negative Domino Effect (or How to Handle Murphy’s Law)

Earlier this week, I had a really difficult spell of writer’s block. I spent far too long writing a paragraph or two, being dissatisfied with


How the Other Half Lives

My wife and I have a relatively vibrant social circle, filled with all different kinds of people. Some of them like to come over to

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Seven Strategies for Efficient Hobby and Entertainment Spending

One of the core principles that guides my financial life is the idea of finding the best “bang for the buck” for every dollar I

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What Should You Do When Your Hours Are Cut at Work?

Morgan writes in: For the past four months I have worked at a small store here in town. I had plenty of hours over the

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The Souvenir Game: 17 Ways to Physically Remember a Moment Without Spending Extra Money

A while back, I had an experience in a gift shop that really stuck in my mind. I was sitting on a bench outside of

woman with hands over face - recover from overspending

When You Overspend: Five Steps to Recover from a Spending Spree

Have you ever spent more money than you planned? If you’re a human who has had money at any point in your life, the answer