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Turbotax discount? File Federal and State Taxes for Free with Absolute Zero

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Don’t mess around with a Turbotax discount code – e-file for free! Photo: Dave Dugdale

Tax preparers usually need a to get a great deal on the software for tax season. However, millions TurboTax users have file their federal tax return for free with Absolute Zero, and for the second year in a row, over 60 million Americans have the chance to file their 1040 EZ/A and state taxes for $0.

What is TurboTax Absolute Zero?

Absolute Zero is a program form TurboTax where, if you qualify, you can pay $0 to prepare your federal and state taxes as well as $0 to efile your returns. In general, you may qualify if you:

  • Made less than $100,000
  • Don’t own a home or rental property
  • Didn’t sell investments
  • Don’t own a business or have 1099 income
  • Don’t have major medical expenses

No Turbotax Discount Code Required

For the second year in a row, will be allowing simple filers (1040 EZ/A) to complete their federal and state taxes at absolutely no cost to them — that’s $0 for federal, $0 for state, and $0 to file with TurboTax Federal Free Edition.

Last year, this offer ended in February, so your time may be limited. However, simple filers usually still have the ability to file federal tax return for free anytime.

No turbotax discount code or promo code is needed to access this offer.

To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the link here or above to get this .

More Tax Software Research

If you’re not quite sure, or want to do a bit more research on tax preparation software, you can check out one of our two comprehensive resources below. These resources lay out how the best tax preparation software stack up and what to look for when selecting the right software for DIY tax filers.

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Free Filing 101

Whether you’re looking for a discount, expecting a painful tax bill or just want to save a buck, the good news is that it might not cost you a dime to file your taxes online with Uncle Sam. There are a few options: the Free File Alliance, IRS Free Fillable Forms, and commercial tax preparers’ own free filing options. These offers include the promotion described above.

Free File Alliance

The IRS has partnered with 14 commercial tax software providers to form the Free File Alliance. This alliance helps 70 percent of Americans, or about 100 million people, file their federal tax returns for free. Some providers allow taxpayers to file their state income taxes free, too.

Every company has set its own eligibility criteria regarding income, age, state, military status, and eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit. However, your 2014 adjusted gross income must be less than $60,000 to be eligible for at least one offer through the Free File Alliance.

Free Fillable Forms

If your income is to high to take advantage of the Free File Alliance, you can still use the IRS Free File Fillable Forms, regardless of your income and tax situation. These are simply the electronic version of paper federal tax forms. You can submit them online and receive your refund faster than filling out and mailing paper tax returns. But while this service can help you with the math or catch simple numerical errors as you prepare your taxes, it doesn’t extensively guide your preparation like tax software. It’s also for federal taxes only.

Other Free Offers

You may be eligible for commercial tax software providers’ individual free-filing options, offered separately from the Free File Alliance. All the best tax software offer a free federal version, but not all offer free state filing also. The does.
TurboTax only requires that you file either Form 1040A or 1040EZ, not the more complex Form 1040, to qualify for free federal and state e-filing.

How do I know if I can file 1040A or 1040EZ?

You might be eligible to file one of these two forms if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You make less than $100,000 in taxable income, whether single or filing jointly
  • You won’t itemize your deductions
  • You don’t have any self-employment income to report
  • You didn’t receive any income from selling property

When do I have to file form 1040?

On the other hand, you may have to file the longer Form 1040 for several reasons. They include the following:

  • You make more than $100,000 in taxable income, whether single or filing jointly
  • You will itemize your deductions
  • Your employer did not withhold federal taxes
  • You received self-employment income
  • You received income from tips that you did not report
  • You received income from selling property
  • You received income from alimony
  • You have to report capital gains or losses

This is by no means an exhaustive list. For a more robust discussion of which form you can file, the IRS discusses the differences here.
A few of the companies that made our list of Best Free Tax Software may also allow you to file your federal taxes for free. They all have unique strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll find a more detailed discussion in that article. However, note that all of these providers will charge you to file your state taxes, unlike .

  • H&R Block may catch a few taxpayers who fall through the cracks in TurboTax’s program. If you file your 1040 with Schedule A because you itemize deductions, report charitable donations or mortgage interest, or use a Health Savings Account, you can still file for free with H&R Block. However, state filing will cost you $9.99.
  • Tax ACT doesn’t restrict any filers from using its free program, no matter how complex their tax situation. State filing costs $14.99, however.
  • TaxSlayer also supports all forms and filing situations. But state filing is $23.90, and the free service doesn’t offer audit support.

If You’re Eligible, Use TurboTax

To summarize: As long as you can file either the 1040A or 1040EZ, Turbotax has the best free offer for tax preparation. That’s because you’ll be able to file both your federal and state taxes free while benefiting from TurboTax’s simple but thorough tax preparation software. Other providers will allow free filing for 1040 users, but you’ll still need to pony up to e-file your state taxes.

If your taxable income is less than $60,000, it’s possible you’ll find a provider that allows free federal and state filing through the Free File Alliance. Your eligibility will vary by provider, however.

Your last free option is the Free File Fillable Forms, provided directly by the IRS. However, because these forms don’t guide taxpayers like fully featured tax software, you might be better off using a commercial preparer, even if you’re ineligible for a free offer.